Yule blog

The holiday season is nearly here and I will be taking a short break. Before that I must show you some seasonal artwork, just to get you into the Christmas spirit! The featured piece is Festive Follies from 1978, designed by Alan Cockcroft.

C6D4L10L Xmas scene 2      C6D4L11L Xmas scene 3                                          

These would have been used as pole features along the promenade, as you can see from the main picture.                     


They are perfect for children, colourful, clear and Christmassy! 

Over the holidays take a little time to browse through the blog and check out our superb collection. Make yourself a follower and then you will know when there is a new post.

Happy Christmas everyone!

C6D4L12L Xmas scene 5



2 thoughts on “Yule blog

  1. Loved this section as a child – and remember seeing them used in Manchester City centre as part of the Christmas lights display after they had been retired from the prom – Happy Christmas to everyone at The Illuminations

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