Crocs away

Are you watching the X factor?  Well here is my band, I think they would do well!  They play a lot of “Croc-Rock”  Please vote for them…        

                 Seriously though, this is piece of artwork from 1975 by Alan Cockcroft called “Rock around the Croc”                      

                                                            It is a really fun image and would have been a great illumination too.

SHOTS21 066                                                                                                                              SHOTS21 064

       and what about their fantastic backing group….

SHOTS21 060                                                                         SHOTS21 058 

                                                         They really have some style!! 

                                      What about some suggestions for a band name?


                      My thoughts are “The Old Croc’s” or perhaps “The Croquettes?” Post me your ideas please….






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