Set in Stone

Well I have “dug up”  some artwork on a Classical theme today.  This is Rue Statunique, a road section from 1972 made by Alan Cockcroft. With it’s stone columns, lattice framework and beautiful statues, it really captures that era.                                        

I love the individual figures which I thought you would enjoy in close-up                                                                        SHOTS9 014





SHOTS9 033 

I believe these all stand alone as works of art.  Do you agree?   Let me know what you like about them or indeed any other artwork on here.



 SHOTS9 029               


2 thoughts on “Set in Stone

  1. A lovely section I remember from my childhood. A long time ago now but did the statues alternate between two colours? I also think the flowers/frames/columns lit up bit by bit.

    • Hello Chris,
      Great to hear from you.I am pleased someone else likes them! As for the lighting effects, I’m not sure. If any other bloggers have any information please let us know? I will make enquiries myself and come back to you on it.

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