On Guard

We held another successful open day on Friday and welcomed many visitors to Lightworks to see the home of the Illuminations  and the artwork collection.  Hopefully some of you have now found your way to this blog and you are all welcome!  More great news – we have now loaded another instalment of the artwork catalogue for you to view.  Just follow this link it will take you there….      www.blackpool.gov.uk/illuminationscollection

Now this weeks featured picture is taken from a road section called Parade of the Toy Soldiers. This was made in 1973 by Alan Cockcroft and this is how it would have looked.     C1D1R14L Parade of Toy Soldiers panoramic 

The featured soldiers have a slight resemblance to the Beatles in Sgt. Pepper, whether that was intended, I’m not sure.  What do you think? 

There are three other types of soldiers as seen here and they are all really colourful.

C5D6R1L Parade of Toy Soldiers (a)                                      C5D6R3L Parade of Toy Soldiers (c)                                     C5D6R4L Parade of Toy Soldiers (d)


Which is your favourite? I would be interested in your thoughts.


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