Words worth

Hearing the news that the quiz 15-1 is returning, got me thinking of how to test our knowledge.  I thought I would show you a feature called Phrase-lights from 1992.  Artwork depicting well known sayings or proverbs.  PICS04 017See if you can guess these, the main feature would make a good motto for Blackpool Illuminations. “Many hands make light(s) work”

                                                                         What are these?

PICS04 010                                        

                                                                                    Answers on a postcard to … no – I’ll tell you now!

“A watched kettle never boils”

“Too many cooks spoil the broth”   

“Storm in a teacup”                                                                                       PICS04 004

and remember – “To view a Blog a day, keeps the Doctor away ….. ”                             



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