Light and Bright

Robots are a popular feature in the media, from Metal Mickey to R2D2 and even now one called Brian speaks to the confused!  I thought I would introduce you to ours…..

VARIOUSPICS62 056These are “The Luminous Lightmen ” that’s my name for them because of their vibrant colours and they are fabulous!  They first appeared in 1975 and the artwork was called “Robot Revels” 

If you never saw the Illuminations that year  –  Yes they did hang off the lamp-posts!!   

                                                                                VARIOUSPICS62 044                                     



9 thoughts on “Light and Bright

    • Thank’s for taking a look at the Blog. I’m sorry for the delay, I had to check with someone for an answer. They were not made in neon because of the high voltages involved and also the bad weather that the Illuminations would be hit with! Hope that helps with the poem.

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