Well this weekend it will be 50 years since Dr.Who came into our lives.  So here are a couple of images from the artwork made in 1979 by Alan Cockcroft for a new feature.  They really capture those exciting times!  

I am thinking of adopting the acronym T.A.R.D.I.S. for “The Artwork revitalises Doctor in Space” or “The Artwork really does Illuminate and  Shine”   

Have you any creative suggestions?   Email me and let me see what you can come up with? 

VARIOUSPICS29 030                   

Here are the infamous Daleks……or


Good boy …K9 – The star of the show ?       

VARIOUSPICS29 022      

Now looking at the data on my screen, I see that the local Blackpool paper “The Gazette” are running stories about Dr.Who tonight and tomorrow.  Check out their “Memory Lane” page for a special feature looking through the Gazette archives and also their online gallery.



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