Neon Rainbow

Well today I have a treat for you.  A piece of artwork from 1934 of a Talbot square Tram shelter, painted in gouache, to create that wonderful neon effect.  The paints make it so realistic, don’t you agree?  To reflect this, the Illumination on the shelter would be proper neon lighting.  At this time there were no in-house  designers, it would be contracted out.  In this instance it was a company called “Claudegen”  who did an incredible job.  What do you think?                                                    

   VARIOUSPICS17 027                                                             


2 thoughts on “Neon Rainbow

    • Thankyou Sarah for your comments. The 1930’s artwork is fantastic, have you seen the other posts “All at Sea” and “Blackpool is best” which also have the neon effect. Keep following the blog as we have a lot more to show everyone!

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