Pastures New

More on our Heritage tour and talks, it was great to see so many of you. I thought I would remind you with some photographs taken that day and of the artwork we looked at.  The featured painting is of Pixie Pastures from 1980, painted by Alan Cockcroft.                          

VARIOUS SHOTS5 005 As with many of the pieces, the artists spent an enormous amount of time planning and designing how the Illumination would look.  So in some cases, we are fortunate enough to have several sketches and paintings leading up to the finished piece.  This picture, a part of Pixie Pastures called “Boot Shop,” is a good example of that. 



We also looked at 1930’s pictures  and this one in, an art deco style  and designed by a French designer in Paris, France.  

                                                                 VARIOUS SHOTS3 002                                        

HERITAGE TOURS 027                                                              HERITAGE TOURS 033  

                                                                HERITAGE TOURS 020    

Must get back to the collection. Keep following the Blog  and pass the word around.
















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