……So this is the place to be!

I’m Carol and I’m glad you could join me. Here you will find out what we are doing on ”The Illuminations Collection Project.”
We are now up and running and each week I will keep you posted with what I have been working on and showing you some of the beautiful artwork that we have in the collection. I hope you will come and take a look.
Just to give you an idea, look at this from the 1980’s, called Butterfly Boulevard and painted by Alan Cockcroft. It is so striking and full of colour! I bet some of you (like me) can remember when the feature was actually up on the Promenade!
There are many more like that-just as brilliant, so as I go along I will show you and keep you up-to-date with the project and the work we are doing.


2 thoughts on “Welcome…

  1. Being an illuminations enthusiast, this looks really interesting. Can you tell us more please about the aims of the project and who is behind it?

    • Thankyou for your kind comment. Over a twelve month period we are creating a record of all the plans and historic artwork produced by the Illuminations department since the 1920s. Do keep an eye open as we will share with you some of the items we will be working on. The project is undertaken by Blackpool Council with HLF funding.

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